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Saugerties CSD was honored to have had Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado visit Saugerties Central School District on April 5!

Prior to his session with students, Lieutenant Governor Delgado sat down with Superintendent Dr. Daniel Erceg and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Gwendolyn Roraback to discuss pressing matters affecting the State’s budget and its impact on school finances. Delgado said, "The Governor is aware; the advocacy from school leaders from across the State (including Saugerties CSD) has been very meaningful.” 

They also discussed the importance of student activism. Delgado, the father of two sons in the Rhinebeck School District, said activism by our young people underscores the importance of their voices in shaping policies that directly affect them. Saugerties would like to give a big thank you to Lieutenant Governor Delgado for his visit and for encouraging civic engagement among our youth! 

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