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A Trip Down Memory Lane with Randy Ricks!
  • At Grant D. Morse Elementary School, Randy recalls when empty soda cans were discovered hidden within the walls of the building. These cans didn’t have pull tabs, meaning they had to be opened with a can opener—dating them prior to the late 1950s when soda pull tabs were first introduced. Randy believes these were likely left behind by the construction workers who were building the walls.
  • Over at Cahill Elementary School on Main Street, Randy says newspapers dating back to the 1930s were discovered inside the walls. Back then, newspapers were an affordable way to keep the cold out! He also says a dental hygienist chair from the 1920s was found in a storage room, a relic from when a local dentist would clean students' teeth on school premises.
  • Another gem unearthed during the restoration of the historical air shafts at Cahill Elementary School were bricks labeled with different manufacturers' brands. Randy says bricks from the Washburn Brothers brickyard in Saugerties, as well as from brickyards from Kingston and Haverstraw we found, each brick stamped with its maker’s mark—a nod to the rich brick-making history in the area.

As Randy prepares to retire at the end of this school year, he reflects on the memories and the mark he hopes he’s left on our beloved schools. “Although I have mixed emotions about retiring, Saugerties Central School District will always have a piece of my heart.”

Thank you, Randy, for your dedication and for sharing these incredible pieces of our history with us. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

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