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Snowmazing Learning: Boxed Creativity Unleashed at Cahill Elementary

They transformed empty boxes into adorable snowmen, adding an educational twist by calculating the volume of each snowman.

It was amazing to see the students not only showcase their artistic skills but also engage in some hands-on math exploration. The combination of creativity and learning made this project truly special.

To share their snowman masterpieces, the Grade 5 students organized a walking tour in the cafeteria for their Grade 3 buddies. The Grade 3 students were armed with question cards to learn more about the construction and math behind these cool snowmen.

A big shoutout to our dedicated teachers Jamie Temple, Heather Breen, and Lori Puertas for fostering such a creative and interactive learning environment!  Well done, Grade 5, for bringing learning to life in such a fun way!

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